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The Working Title of Syfy’s ‘Child’s Play’ TV Series is “Chucky,” Which Will Center on New Characters



While MGM and Orion gear up to release a brand new version of Chucky in this year’s Child’s Play, franchise creator Don Mancini is currently hard at work with “Channel Zero” creator Nick Antosca on his own Child’s Play TV series from Universal, which will continue the original franchise on Syfy. The project’s working title, at this moment? “Chucky.

The working title is Chucky,” Antosca revealed to our own Fred Topel over on Slash Film. “That could change, but that’s the working title.”

Tonally speaking, Antosca noted that the series will be primarily ditching the over-the-top comedy of some of the later installments, instead recapturing the tone of the early films.

The series is going to be closer to the tone of the first two movies in the series though,” Antosca told the site. “It’s going to go back to a sort of classic scare.”

So will “Chucky” be a continuation of Cult of Chucky or something else entirely? Mancini recently described the series as “a fresh take on the franchise,” suggesting that it’ll primarily be telling a new story with new characters. And while that does seem to be the case, the good news is that the series will still very much exist within the continuity of Universal’s films.

It’s consistent with that mythology, but it’s a whole new story,” Antosca explained. “So you could come into it without knowing anything about the previous stuff and get into it. But it is consistent with all the mythology that has come before, so it is in canon.”

Antosca noted that the door has been left open for Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif to appear in the series, but again, the primary focus is to tell new stories with new characters.

And yes, Brad Dourif is expected to return as the voice of Chucky.

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